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Swedish word of the week

Hellooo everyone,

Thought it was time for another Swedish word of the week, and this week it happens to be one of my favourite words! It’s a word that is both a verb and a noun, and it’s something that I think everyone enjoys doing or eating/drinking.

Prepare, folks! This weeks Swedish word is… (drum roll…!)




Pronounced pretty much like “fee-ka“, this wonderful little word kind of means having coffee/tea/cake. But not quite. You see, in Sweden, you often meet up with family or a friend or a group of friends to have fika. And that means you’ll get together over coffee and (if you’re not on any silly diets or anything) cake and then you talk, laugh, hang out. So it’s technically a way to spend time together – but with an excuse to have some goodies at the same time. If you ad the letter R at the end (fikar) the word turns into a verb as in vi fikar, which means we’re having a coffee (remember: sort of, but not quite).

So now I’m gonna go have some fika with my wonderful man who made self-saucing butterscotch pudding yesterday (and today there’s still leftovers – yum!)

Why don’t you go have some fika as well?


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Swedish word of the week!

Sorry for the slow update of blog posts, but unfortunately my internet hasn’t been working properly since Friday… It should be getting better in a couple of days, though! Thanks for sticking with me!


So it’s time for another Swedish word of the week! This one might not be as fun as blåbär last week, but it’s definitely one of the most useful Swedish words (I think anyway).
And here’s a little bit of fun fact about the word: there’s no correct one-word translation to this word, in any other language in the world. That’s right, that’s how seriously cool we are.

So this weeks word is… duh-duh-dun-dun-duuun…!


Pronounced la[as in lard. yuck, I know…]-gome[as in gone, but with an m]. La-gome.

It means something like “just enough”. Not too much and not too little, but the perfect amount of something – anything, really. Another fun fact is that this word is sometimes used when trying to describe Swedes with one word. Most Swedes are very lagom.

There you have it! A Swedish and a Swede lesson, all in one!

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Swedish word of the week!

I’ve come up with a few weekly themes or categories that I’m gonna write about. First up is the Swedish word of the week! Once a week, I’ll give you a Swedish word (it can be any word – just a normal word, a funny word, a strange word, a unique word, etc.) and I’ll let you know what it means, and how to pronounce it using English pronunciation (sort of). I hope you get the point!

So the first Swedish word of the week is dedicated to a little berry, only because when my boyfriend pronounces it “the Swedish way” it totally sounds like he’s just saying blah-blah. But, it’s really not the hard. I present to you:


Pronounced something like blow-bear, this little word just means blueberry. Simple? I would think so! Give it a try!
Hey, now you can all brag about knowing Swedish! And remember, there’s more to come, so stay tuned!