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Hellooo everyone,

Thought it was time for another Swedish word of the week, and this week it happens to be one of my favourite words! It’s a word that is both a verb and a noun, and it’s something that I think everyone enjoys doing or eating/drinking.

Prepare, folks! This weeks Swedish word is… (drum roll…!)




Pronounced pretty much like “fee-ka“, this wonderful little word kind of means having coffee/tea/cake. But not quite. You see, in Sweden, you often meet up with family or a friend or a group of friends to have fika. And that means you’ll get together over coffee and (if you’re not on any silly diets or anything) cake and then you talk, laugh, hang out. So it’s technically a way to spend time together – but with an excuse to have some goodies at the same time. If you ad the letter R at the end (fikar) the word turns into a verb as in vi fikar, which means we’re having a coffee (remember: sort of, but not quite).

So now I’m gonna go have some fika with my wonderful man who made self-saucing butterscotch pudding yesterday (and today there’s still leftovers – yum!)

Why don’t you go have some fika as well?


Author: Johanna Rosberg

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