A Swede in Aussie land

Koala (bear) hugs!


Jag har haft en absolut helt fantastiskt underbar dag idag! För jag ha fått världens bästa kramar: Koalakramar!
Det är okej att bli avundsjuk.

I’ve had the most amazing, fantastic, wonderful day today! Because I got the world’s greatest hugs: Koala hugs!
It’s okay to be jealous.



Oh, and the little fellas name was Finn. Handsome Finn!

Koala love for all of you ❤



Author: Johanna Rosberg

Hi and thanks for visiting my page! I'm Johanna (you can call me Jo) and I'm a writer and positive thinker. I'm writing to show the world my apporach to life, and hopefully that way I'll be able to help other people striving for their dreams. I hope to bring joy and happiness and a little bit of motivation and inspiration to the big world. So visit my blog (, enjoy, and please let me know what you think!

2 thoughts on “Koala (bear) hugs!

  1. Helt fantastiskt underbart! Vilken björnkram, den kommer du aldrig att glömma 🙂

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