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Glad Midsommar!

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Glad midsommar önskar jag er alla! 🙂 Tyvärr missar jag de svenska jordgubbarna och den goda sillen och potatisen i år… Får väl åka ut på IKEA och jaga sill någon dag 😉


And to all of my English speaking readers, I would also like to wish you a joyful Midsummer! Today is the day we celebrate Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden and dance around a beautfully decorated Midsummer’s pole (also known as a Maypole) like silly drunks, sing songs and eat good food, such as the world’s most delicious strawberries (sweet, Swedish little beauties), new potatoes with sourcream and chive, and pickled herring (he he, I know, it sounds weird, this little Swedish delicacy. But I dare you, go to IKEA and get some from their Swedish Food Market. Oh, and if you do, please let me know how you went!).
According to the old tradition, all the girls and maidens will then, as the sun is starting to set, go out and pick a bouquet of seven different flowers, as they jump over seven roundpole fences on the way. Then, when they go to bed they put the seven flowers under their pillow so that they can dream of who they will marry.
Oh, how beautifully simple it was back in the olden days… Unfortunately, I can’t pick as many as seven flowers since it’s actually winter on this side of the globe. I guess I’ll just have to trust my own judgment this time!

I hope you’re all enjoying your day, whether you’re celebrating Midsummer or not. Here are som pictures for you to enjoy in the mean time:

A Midsummer’s pole, all decorated and ready to be danced around!

Swedish crazies with kids, starting to slowly move around…

And so, full on dancing to a song we call “Små grodorna” (say something like “smaw growdorna”, if you want to try to pronounce it. It means “little frogs”).

And to all of this I can only say: Cheers!


Author: Johanna Rosberg

Hi and thanks for visiting my page! I'm Johanna (you can call me Jo) and I'm a writer and positive thinker. I'm writing to show the world my apporach to life, and hopefully that way I'll be able to help other people striving for their dreams. I hope to bring joy and happiness and a little bit of motivation and inspiration to the big world. So visit my blog (, enjoy, and please let me know what you think!

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